Thursday, August 25, 2011

Is it time to go to Disney yet?

No... this is not my 4 year old talking... it's me... I am a Disney fanatic.  My family first took my younger brother and I when I was in 4th grade and if I remember correctly, we went again when I was in 6th grade, 9th grade, and my senior year of high school.  I then went with a bunch of friends my senior year of college for spring break.  I can't tell you the specifics of each trip, but I remember collecting a flag, pin and postcard from every country in Epcot.  I remember going on Spaceship Earth 15 times just because we could.  I remember eating at the restaurant in Mexico.  I remember loving everything and not wanting to leave.

After I graduated college, I spent my "vacations" at work, literally.  Not that I didn't take any time off, but when I did they were a day or two here or there and didn't go on an official vacation.  Once I met my husband, we started vacationing in Vegas (another love) and the Outer Banks with his family.  I had almost forgotten about Disney, but occasionally I would try to convince my husband's family to take a trip to Disney... without any success. My first child was born in 2007, and I knew I would finally get back to Disney!!  Of course, I kept hearing my mother's voice telling me that a child should not go to Disney before the  age of 5 or 6 so they can remember the trip.... 2012 seemed like a century away.

In 2009, I got pregnant with my second child and I made the executive decision that I was going to throw caution to the wind, ignore my mother's advice, and go to Disney, pregnant and with an almost 2.5 year old in diapers.  I think my mom thought I was nuts, but I didn't care... I wanted to go to Disney.  My family couldn't have been too upset with my decision as they came with us.

We had a great time and Aaron loved it, but would he remember anything from the trip?  A month or two after we were home, we went to Carlos O'Kelly, a Mexican restaurant that is in a "temple-like" building and he asked if we were going to go on the boat ride... for those of you who aren't familiar... there is a boat ride in the Mexico pavilion in Epcot.  Not bad for a 2.5 year old.  In the months following, he has referred to the Dumbo ride, not liking the Pirates of the Carribean ride, the Muppet 3-D movie, and the Toy Story Mania ride.  I am sure he doesn't remember everything from the trip, but he sure does remember some of the highlights... again... not bad for a 2.5 year old (He is a very unique child... his VBS teacher said he is a man stuck in a child's body... and that is probably the best way to describe him).

So after the baby was born in Feb of 2010... I decided we were going back to Disney... again because I wanted to go back.  Aaron would be in his final year of preschool in 2011-2012, so fall of 2011 seemed perfect.  We asked around and heard that the beginning of November is a great time to visit Disney... so I was sold (and it's our wedding anniversary as well!).  Of course, we are now taking a 20 month old in diapers and a 4.5 year old, but there will be 5 adults accompanying them, so it should be manageable.  I don't know if Reid (the baby) will remember anything, but he recognizes Mickey Mouse already and loves to be out and socializing.  I know he will have a blast, and everyone else will as well.

It's getting closer (less than 2.5 months to go!) and everyone is talking about the trip, making plans, reminiscing previous trips, ... so can it just get here already?!?!  And yes... I am a very impatient person...


  1. Haha.. I have wanted to visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter since before it opened. My kids don't even know who Harry Potter is! I will go eventually. Probably without them!

    We took our girls to Disneyland 3 times while we were in California and they loved it each time. We didn't care if they remembered it or not. All that mattered was that they enjoyed it that day. I barely remember anything like that from my childhood. That's what pictures are for!

  2. Your description of Aaron is right on! And I LOVE Disney, however, I must say, I love Islands of Adventure most - but I'm a roller coaster girl and that's why. Enjoy your trip...and the wait...


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