Wednesday, August 10, 2011

ICES Convention 2011 - The Cakes

Today I am going to feature some of the cakes/techniques I found interesting for one reason or another.  Some I was just in awe of how they did it, while others I liked a particular idea or design or color combo... whatever.  Unfortunately I didn't note everyone's name, so if you know who made the cake, please post it in the comments.
This reminded me of my tye dye cake from  last year
I liked the simplicity of this.

Love the flowers!

Love the stringwork... it's not too much.

My kind of cake from Melanie Stanger.

Another one from Melanie Stanger... she had 54 TIERS displayed at ICES.


Cake by Mark Seaman

Sorry some of these pics are kinda all over the place... it's not allowing me to organize them better... or maybe it is user error.  Anyway, these were some of my favs... check in tomorrow... I will be doing my first ever blog giveaway!!!

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