Thursday, August 11, 2011

Credit Card Thieves Suck

I was going to write about some of the cake celebs I got to chat with at the convention, but I am going to sidetrack today because I am so angry.

A few days before I left for convention, Capital One called me to ask me if I had made a few charges on my business card.  One was from Napster for a little over $8 and the other was fit right or something clothing for $1300.  After some time on the phone and trying to figure out how to get a new card to me in Charlotte, I wondered where the thieves had gotten my card number from.  I went off to Charlotte, got a card there, and spent a ton.

So today, I called to activate my other cards on the business account and hear that my balance is WAY over what I expected.  I knew I spent a lot, but I didn't think I spent that much.  I asked the guy on the phone if the fraud charges were still on there and he said no.  Finding it impossible that I spent that much, I logged into my cap one account online and say another $1000+ charge to Dell.  I realize why that one wasn't flagged, since I had purchased a laptop from Dell before.  So I called back to report it, which let me tell you is near impossible, when one child is talking as loud as he can, the other is crying because you won't give him the phone, and you are trying to understand a muffled foreign accent.  Why is it that whenever I have a phone call the older one starts talking louder and more than usual?

On the bright side, it looks like on my convention purchases will be on my new bill, rather than the one that is coming in the mail!


  1. That's horrible, but hopefully it all gets straightened out soon. Good thing it didn't interfere with your ability to shop during the convention. That surely would have put a damper on the trip. Good luck with getting everything squared away!

  2. That freaking sucks! I hope they can take care of it and it never happens again. By the way, is that a new layout? I love it!


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