Friday, September 2, 2011

My baby is getting to be a big boy!

Yesterday my little one had his 18 month well visit and I think I need to officially stop calling him " my baby".  Yes I know he will always be my baby, but he is FINALLY walking, starting to talk more and growing!  A little background on the growing part...

Mr. Reid (one of the many names I call the baby) was an awesome nurser and gained over a pound a week for his first several weeks he was in the world.  He was quite the little chunker as all babies should be.  He continued to nurse like a champ and took to solids really well... and then we introduced finger foods... bad, bad decision.  Around 9 months, he pretty much stopped eating.  He still nursed, would eat a couple of spoonfuls of food, but otherwise he just wanted to eat dry, crunchy things.  This was the start of Mr. Reid only doing things he wanted to do.  While his lack of eating continued, he also decided he didn't want to stand.  Whenever you would stand him up, he was like a limp noodle and wouldn't bear weight on his legs.  His doctor was concerned, and we started seeing a PT.  Well between the evaluation and starting appointments, he eventually started to pull himself up to a stand.  We worked with a PT for a while on the standing and of course walking.  He seemed to be making great progress and we discontinued in person sessions with the PT, figuring he would be walking in no time.  Ah yes... I should have seen the pattern...

Over the next few months, Mr Reid progressed with his walking... taking a few steps here and there, but at 16.5 months he still was not walking full-time and chose to crawl.  Yes... he CHOSE to crawl.  I watched him crawl, I told him to get up and walk.  He turned around, smiled at me in that Haha-mommy way, and continued crawling.  Enter the PT again... we met with her again and she confirmed my suspicions.  She gave me some tips to get him to walk, and after only a few days of tough love, he was walking about 95% of the time.

So, I am happy to report that even though Mr Reid still does not eat much, but at least he loves his Pediasure. He is now in the 20% of weight (up from 13%) and is actually on the taller side for his age!!  Who knew I would have a tall, skinny kid (I hope the trend continues)!  The doc was really happy to see him gaining weight and walking.  We discussed talking, since I assume he will not talk because he doesn't want to... and she didn't seem concerned at the moment, especially since he understands everything we tell him (sometimes more than I wish he did).  I guess after this visit, I feel like I can officially start calling my baby, my toddler!

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