Monday, September 5, 2011

Facebook "Networking"

I am a "fan" of several local pages that are either interest-based, such as being a mom, or have some sort of local publication or group.  I follow them to see what is going on around town, as I rarely read the local newspaper.

I saw several local businesses post on the walls of these types of pages promoting their business.  "Need a photographer?  Check out ABC Photography!"  "Best Burgers in town at Big Burger!" Etc.

While I see the opportunity as some free advertising, I don't do it.  Why?  I don't know... there is just something about it that seems a bit "off" to me.  I will gladly self-promote myself if a page is asking for pictures/info from fans, but to just do it to do it... eh... maybe it is just me and my personality.  It's like me at networking events... I usually hang back and chat with whomever I already know or who I am really interested in meeting, not necessarily who I should be talking to because they would get me business or new business.

Along these same lines, I don't go to TV cake designers pages and say, "Check out my work!" in hopes of gaining new fans or recognition from them personally.  Sure I would love to have Kerry Vincent say that I do awesome work, but I don't do anything that at least half of the cake designers in the world do, and I am sure at least half of those designers do those things better than I do.

So what are your thoughts on promoting yourself/business on other Facebook pages?  I am out of my mind and over-thinking things (wouldn't be the first time)?


  1. I used to feel the same way, Kristin, until I saw how much traffic I was losing out on by not hosting a FB page. I think there's a difference between going to big cake designers' sites (in my case, it would be to major bloggers) and getting "free advertising" by promoting yourself there vs. on your own page. The people who will click over to "Like" your page are going to do it b/c they want to see updates about your business, photos of your work, etc. I think the key is to be sure you interact with visitors instead of just constant promo. I'm also trying to get into featuring other cool projects/sites I come across. :)

  2. Thanks Amanda! I definitely don't mind doing it on my own page, although I still try not to bombard people with 20 posts a day!


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