Thursday, July 28, 2011

Charlotte, NC... ready or not, here I come

Next week at this time I will be waking up in the Westin Hotel in Charlotte, NC.  Charlotte is this year's host city for the 2011 ICES Convention.  For those of your who do not know, ICES, is the International Cake Exploration Society and has been around for over 30 years.  It's a great way for a cake enthusiast to learn about new trends and techniques, get recipes, and find folks that share the love of cake decorating.

This is my first time attending the convention, and I am so excited to go.  I have heard so many wonderful things that I can't wait to experience them myself.  From the classes to the shopping to the demos... I may think I have gone to my own personal heaven!  My biggest concerns are being overwhelmed and overspending (I LOVE cake decorating tools... and unfortunately... they aren't cheap!)!

Besides having 5 days of CAKE, CAKE, CAKE, I will also be away from both of my boys for the very first time.  I may not know what to do with myself!!!  Of course, me being away means my husband will be at home with the boys for 5 full days... hopefully he will have a better appreciation for me and understand why I am in a bad mood when he gets home from work later than expected.

So the next few days will be getting my orders out the door, prepping a small display cake for the convention, laundry, packing, and getting all those little things done before I leave!!

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