Monday, May 14, 2012

It doesn't have to be huge

I get a lot of quote request inquiries with pictures of 3, 4 or 5 tier cakes.  If the inquiry doesn't specify, then I usually email the person back asking how many people the cake needs to feed.  Many times I get the response back of 15, 30, or maybe 50 folks, and I tell them that the cake they sent feeds way more people than they need it to and send them a quote for a smaller-scaled cake where tiers of cake will not be leftover.  Sometimes people are fine with that, but other times they still want the big cake.  

While I am happy to create a 5-tier cake for a party of 30, I don't think many people want to pay for it, and I am not starting off with a 2-inch top tier ( Icing anything smaller than 4 or 5" across is a huge pain in the butt.  The cake just moves too much and I don't want to deal with it.).  I also understand that people want the cake to be the centerpiece of the party.  So what does one suggest in these instances?  I suggest changing your train of thought.  It's not quantity... it's quality.  In my opinion, I think spending money on a well-executed, single-tier cake makes a better statement than spending the same amount on a 3-tier, crooked, sloppy one.    And who wants to have all that left over cake hanging around the house begging to be eaten?

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  1. I have a wedding cake to do for a smallish wedding. The bride wants three tiers - so I'm putting a cake dummy in as the middle tier. She gets the look she wants, and no cake wastage.


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