Friday, March 9, 2012

A Surprise at my Door!!

Back in early February one of my brides contacted me about renting a cupcake tower for her wedding.  Ironically I had a second cupcake wedding that day and had already rented my existing one to her.  I started looking around for a second tower and remembered the company called The Cupcake Tower from Facebook.  I went and checked out their site and decided to go all out and get the "bundle" with the cake pop holes drilled in.  I am a person who would rather buy more than I need to prevent having to purchase something similar in the future and spending twice as much.  I also had a large bridal show coming up and figured it would be perfect to put samples on.

I ordered the tower and got a call from the company THAT DAY that one of the ribbon colors was out of stock.  They asked for a substitute and told me they would ship the back ordered ribbon out separately.  Fine... no problem... and within a a few days the new tower was at my doorstep, ready for use.

It was very easy to assemble, and it worked great for the bridal show.  It held so many more samples, which was great since we didn't have much free time to refill the display.  The biggest concern I had was storage... and I still haven't figured that out...

So fast forward about a month, I get notification that The Cupcake Tower has shipped something to me.  I had completely forgotten about the back ordered ribbon, but was excited to see it was coming.  I did notice on the shipping notification it mentioned a tower, but I just assumed they were using the same order I placed to send out the ribbon.  Well to my surprise, another tower was sitting at my doorstep.  I was both excited and concerned, as I didn't order a second tower.

I spent the rest of the afternoon trying to contact them to let them know that they had made a mistake and set me a second tower instead of just the ribbon.  When I finally heard back from them, there only concern was whether or not the back ordered ribbon was with the new tower!!  I told them I didn't know since I didn't want to disturb the tower to check and they told me I could just keep the tower!!!  WOOHOO!!!  Score!!  They were also still very concerned about my back ordered ribbon, which at this point, I don't care what ribbon they put in the box.

So to thank them for being so generous, I thought I would write a blog about their wonderful product.  Little did they know they actually gave me an early birthday present!

On an unrelated note... stay tuned... I have a giveaway I am going to do once I hit 1600 fans on my facebook page... I was planning on doing one at 1500... but... uh... time got away from me :)

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